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Whistle Blowing

In order to improve the business transparency and establish ethical corporate culture, we strongly encourage you to report wrongful practices which may result in unfair profit or loss to the company, its partners (vendors) or other external stakeholders

  • We listens to opinions of employees and stakeholders for establishing our transparent and trusted ethics
  • Informant's identity will be kept strictly confidential
  • Reporting with the use of real identity shall be processed with confidentiality
  • Unfortunately, investigations may not proceed should any anonymous report lack detailed information


We await the information regarding F&F and affiliate employees' unfair business process, unreasonable demands and corruptions by abuse of authority, and such informations shall be processed with confidentiality

  • Entertainment request & reception
  • Money and/or gift request & reception
  • Embezzlement, Theft, Pursuit of Personal Gains, Employee Discipline
  • Disclosure of Confidential Information, Loss of Manpower
  • Unjusted promotion, purchase request
  • Other illegal activity
  • Abuse of right
  • Excessive demand
  • Embezzlement
  • Information leakage such as confidential business information
  • Sexual harassment & violence
  • Neglect of duty
  • Money transaction between employees
  • Leadership Issues
  • People management issues
  • Workplace harassment (Discrimination, abusive Language, insult, etc.)

Other unethical behavior


  • Website : Write 'Reporting content' at the bottom of the Whistle blowing
  • Email Address :
  • Telephone Number : +82 2 520 0930 or 0931
  • Mail Address : 541, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. FNF building 4th Floor BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT TEAM

Investigation Process

The submitted information is handled as confidential, and investigation results are directly reported to management (and informant if necessary)

Information receipt

Planning and inquiry

Investigation completion

Report & close

Informant Protection

  • Informant and information are treated as confidential,
    and any disclosure or implication without the consent of the reporter is strictly prohibited.
  • We protect informant from any disadvantages in business activities or work, and personnel affairs.
  • We also protect cooperators who cooperate with investigation such as providing statements or data.
  • We strongly consider reduction of disciplinary action in case of voluntary report .

Reporting Content

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